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Tony is recognized by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing as one of the top instructors in the United States for the number of participants trained.  He is well-known as a mental health trainer and wellbeing educator who specializes in training laypersons how to recognize the most common mental health and behavioral challenges while responding with a proven action plan.


Courses may be delivered virtually through an on-line platform, in-person or a combination of both.


Adjusted Expectations: How to build resilience & break beyond surviving to thriving!  A personal and practical approach to developing skills that will preserve, protect and enhance personal wellness despite persistent problems.  1 hour.

Aggression vs Violence: Learn what creates intense emotions and behaviors.  Understand what aggression and violence will and won't respond to and how to verbally de-escalate the person and problem.  2 hours.

Dealing with Depression & the Angst of Anxiety: One in five adults are living with diagnosable depression and/or anxiety.  70% are active in the workforce.  Learn to recognize, approach and support those experiencing depression and anxiety.  1 hour.

Quit Misunderstanding & Start Communicating More Effectively:  How and what we communicate is key to reducing tensions, elevating trust, improving morale and increasing productivity.  Learn how to cultivate connection, cut out misunderstandings and create greater cohesion with your team by communicating more effectively.  Learn what assertive communication, active listening and empathic responses are and how they propel progress in workplace dynamics.  1 hour.

How to Notice and Navigate with Someone who may be Struggling:  Research indicates that people are far more likely to seek help when suggested by someone they know and trust.  Participants learn how to notice when someone is struggling in their wellbeing and how to navigate with them using the C.A.R.E. approach. Create connection, Assess, Reflectively listen, Encourage professional and self-help strategies. 1 hour.

Mental Health Basic C.A.R.E.  A condensed course that teaches non-professionals to identify the signs and symptoms of the two most common mental health challenges and how to C.A.R.E. for those experiencing them in their time of need.  4 hours.  

Mental Health First Aid:  Listed on the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) national registry of evidence-based best programs and practices (NREPP).  This course teaches laypersons how to recognize and respond to the most common mental health challenges using a proven action plan.  7 hours in total, consisting of a two-hour self-paced pre-work prerequisite completed online prior to attending a five-hour live instructor-led course delivered virtually or in-person.   

Recipe for Building Resilience on Your Team:  People spend a third of their lives at work. Learn how to build resilience in your team where members develop the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don't go as planned.  1 hour.

Recognizing and Responding to Workplace Trauma:  Reduce stigma and shed light that helps people identify trauma inducing dynamics that may exist due to the nature of their work environment.  Aid people in considering positive self-help support strategies they can take to manage their wellbeing.  2 hours.

Suicide T.A.L.K.  A condensed and caring conversation that explores suicide and how to T.A.L.K. (Tell, Ask, Listen, Keep Safe) someone experiencing suicidal thoughts.  1 hour.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact Tony for more information on how he can design a custom training for your event.

Not seeing what you’re looking for?

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