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Tony Cloud Communications LLC


"Tony's skill as a public speaker combined with his passion for mental health education make him a powerful presenter. I was struck by his kind, authentic and practical understanding of mental health conditions."

Tony Cloud is a top national trainer and international speaker. He is also a life coach, consultant, mental health advocate and Washington State Certified Peer Counselor. Noted for his authenticity and unique ability to relate well with diverse audiences, Tony is inspirational and evokes a positive response. Whether training in a small setting or speaking in a large venue, his passion for people is evident. He combines his personal experience and professional background in the mental health field to reduce stigma, raise mental health literacy and create communities of recovery and hope. 


Contagious communicator.
Tony is a contagious communicator and motivational messenger.  He is known for captivating audiences and connecting with people through custom content that is authentic, relevant and hits the intended target in a manner that is transformative to individuals, teams and organizations.  Hire Tony as your keynote speaker or trainer and take your event from good to great! 
Real-world experience.
Tony is an adoptive father to fraternal twins who are now young adults that have experienced mental health challenges, substance abuse and justice involvement.  His professional background includes years of providing social services to diverse individuals in residential treatment settings and total confinement facilities with complex individuals and behavioral challenges.  Tony draws on his experience to reduce stigma, raise mental health literacy and create communities of recovery and hope.  
Exceeds expectations.
Tony is known for exceeding expectations by being accessible and responsive.  He is well-prepared, early on arrival and honors time constraints.  Tony hits his target and accomplishes the hosts goal by presenting customized content.  He develops long-term relationships that readily refer to him and repeatedly request his return. 

Tony Cloud Communications LLC
Tony Cloud Communication





Tony is a sought-after keynote speaker and motivational messenger with real-world experience!  His clients include numerous government agencies, universities, school districts, hospitals, businesses and organizations.  From facilitating small groups to speaking before thousands, Tony's skill as a presenter and passion for people is evident.  Join those who have hired him. 



Tony is passionate about individuals, teams and organizations achieving their full potential. His coach approach is noted for his ability to listen deeply and ask thought-provoking questions that guide clients on a path of self-discovery that moves past problems and beyond barriers toward achieving their desired state.  Tony's coaching and consulting services have been so successful that the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has hired Tony to provide life coaching and consulting services to their entire staff.



Tony is recognized by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing as one of the top instructors in the United States for the number of participants trained.  He is well-known as a mental health trainer and wellbeing educator who specializes in training laypersons how to recognize the most common mental health and behavioral challenges while responding with a proven action plan.




When Dreams Die & Fairytales Fade: Our story of love, loss and learning to live again by Tony & Lori Cloud

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Tony Cloud Communication


I listened to all of the training and received simple instructions but most of all solutions!  Listening was easy for me.  However, Tony adds simple solutions that helped me know the best way to resolve the problems.  With his solutions, it removes my fear of approaching this subject. 


Patricia McCaffrey,

Accounts Payable / WA State Dept of Agriculture

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